Piping & Flooding Sugar Cookies


This is another “basics” post, if decorating cookies is your thing…or will be your thing.  Once you find the way that works for you (your groove thang), the possibilities are endless.  Sort of like learning to write… learn to write and you are free to create, create, create.  Same idea here, except you can eat your creations as well.   There aren’t many books (if they even still exist) that taste as good as these creations.  


I have yet to find a better site for information on cookie decorating than: University of Cookie

Bake at 350 is my second favorite blog when it comes to reading everything about the “do and not-to-do” bits.  She is also one of the University of Cookie contributors and offers many video tutorials which I find to be extremely helpful.


  • Read through here before you begin.  You’ll pick up a bunch of basic tips.  The recipe is included below.
  • Understand the difference between piping and flooding consistencies.
  • Your cookies should be made and completely cooled. Click Here for SUGAR COOKIE RECIPE
  • Watch this for the “how to.”

Have the following tools:

  1.  Piping Bag(s)
  2.  Piping Tips (1, or more likely a 2 and 3)
  3.  Gel Food Coloring
  4.  Separate Containers for Colors


  1. Make the Royal Icing Recipe *You are going to use the same batch for both piping and flooding your cookies.
  2. You’ve watched the “how to” video above (right?!)… well get to it!

Good Luck!

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