Next stop…Cakeville. [Train Cake]


Warning, thing are {were} larger than they appear.  

There has not been a lot of time to take progress pictures throughout, so these posts are becoming more of the “what I did,” rather than the “how I did,” types.

Super fun, uber cool, little 5 year old wanted a train cake… complete with a carved out track and all.  And what do you do when that type of request comes from a little face that you cannot say no to … you get sculpting.

Here’s the off-peak [read: fast] version:

  • vanilla cake/ vanilla buttercream top tier
  • chocolate cake/chocolate buttercream middle tier
  • white cake/vanilla buttercream bottom tier
  • fondant covered
  • approx. 2 feet tall
  • weighed approx. 200 lbs (my arms swear)
  • airbrushed
  • almost toppled 6 times on the way there
  • served approx. 75+ people
  • majority gone in less than 15 minutes
  • about 10 hours of sleep the entire week – also had Sloth Cake Pops due same week.

Although I didn’t get 100 of the “how to” pictures, here is a picture of how to prepare for the cutout.  Toothpicks {a/k/a/ McGyver’s most trusted tools aside from an old wad of gum that was stuck to his half ripped off boot} help map out where your cuts are going to be.  I moved them around quite a bit before the first slice because I had to make sure that this bottom layer had enough room left on top for the track to come out of the cave on the middle tier (right side). Also used a cake round, the size of the next tier, to size it out.




And that’s a wrap.

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