Breast of Luck Cake


Another quick note on a cake that I worked on last week.  This was a Breast of Luck Cake for a woman that has been diagnosed with breast cancer and is about to embark on the fight of [read: for] her life… starting with a double mastectomy.  Her close friends threw a get together this past weekend to say “ta-ta to the tatas” – They all wore pink wigs and bright pink outfits to celebrate life and light with their friend.  This cake fit right in.  White cake with pink buttercream filling.  Sending oodles of light and love to this soon-to-be-survivor and all of the other men (!) and women out there that have been diagnosed and have fought their bubbies off!  F#*% cancer!

The other fun part about having my own space?  Plugging whatever I want.  Click below 😉


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