It’s almost TDAY people!

psst.. yes, you… it’s almost tday, you know.



this is exactly how i spend my september -> ‘m’ovember, in my gravy dreams.


….are you feeling it yet?!



gather the family…


and tell yourself you are not going to fill up on appetizers.  then do.


2.5 hours later, it’s time to get serious. they’ve yelled “DINNER’S READY” 18 times.  find “your” chair.


then, sit around hoping that no one asks you any pressing questions while you wait another 10 minutes for food…


“OOOF” there is goes…the first family dig gets tossed out there…


turn immediately and do this… asap.


dinner is finally up.  waiting for what seems like eternity for family/friends to serve themselves then pass the dish around…


between the drooling and the eye rolls, eternity begins to feel like eternity squared…


at last, you’re on deck.  time to get down with taters and gravy.


until it hits… that “how will I carry on?” feeling.

then like a bolt of lightening on a clear blue day, someone calls “dessert.”  get your game face back on guys…

who is with me?!


this is when family starts to get much to “sharing is caring” – every one wants to “taste” your dessert plate.  Nope, nah, no.


you thought you were there before, but no.  dessert will drop you off here:

the final “holy hell, I just vacuumed up the tday buffet…sweatpants don’t fail me now.”


i’m a fighter though…when every one else retires to football and naps… i stick it out.  i’m in it to win it ladies and gentlemen.


except, not taking more leftovers home.

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