Brookie’s Cookies – “Happy New House” to you….


I recently had a friend in town (finally, as she probably felt) move into their new home… so what did I do?  see above.


so excited for them and wishing them all of the best in their new space! 


Decided to wrap these up in a shiny little bread pan with a new dish towel (she has forever made me feel guilty about using 76 rolls of paper towels per week).

[every single time i reach for one at home, i think “oh god, she somehow knows i’m taking another one”]


A friend in town had recently written a great post on dip-dying gift tags...

the kiddies were loving a morning of painting, so I remembered that posting and joined in.  

[and by “joined in” i mean, that I kept going and going and going.  why didn’t anyone tell me watercolors are so relaxing to doodle with?]


they were super easy and so much fun…

[perhaps not your “most wild summer night out” type of fun, but relaxing nonetheless]


Packaged up and delivered 🙂  What is a more appropriate house warming gift, than something homemade?

More of Brookie’s Cookies on the way… Stay tuned.

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