Step One. “hello, my name is…”

So, this is it.  Ring the bell.  My first post.  I’ve spent a long time thinking about creating my own space…over-thinking it if you really need a dose of honesty.  Along with most every one of you, life has dealt me ups and downs, yet has never failed to teach me throughout.  It it our job to take those lessons and aside from simply recognizing them, we should actually employ them going forward.  Take the first step is what I remind myself… I’ve learned that by definition, you cannot “start” something unless you take the initial step. No matter how small it is, or tedious it may seem, it will end up being the largest step you make throughout the process. Logically speaking, without that first step, the process would not exist. Stop thinking so much right now and go for it. You can think along the way…and that, is how this first post was born.

So let’s lighten this up a whee-bit and chat about what you may find here.  My interests change on a daily basis, and most often, I am consumed with what project to figure out next.  I needed this space to be a place where I would post my journeys with trying new things.  Successes, and most definitely failures, I needed somewhere to simply share.  Share my daily experiences – share great sites I come across – share recipes, tips, tricks and ideas I think others may be interested in.

Et voila, here it is.  Here I am.  Hopefully, here you’ll visit.  A simple “hello.”

One thought on “Step One. “hello, my name is…”

  1. i am so unbelievably proud and excited for you. grab the brass ring and do what fills your life with love, happiness, and excitement. way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! deb

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